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Here & Now is a cozy, unpretentious studio that offers courses in yoga and mindfulness, as well as workshops and special events that help bring participants into the "here and now," such as cooking classes, family board game afternoons and retreats. 

In addition to the main studio space, there is comfortable sitting area stocked with books, coffee and tea.  The perfect place to enjoy some social time or take some time for yourself before or after classes.


Heather Cross

Heather Cross, the owner of Here and Now Studio, is a lawyer, mother of two young boys, yoga teacher and mindfulness instructor.

As a Type A worrywart and relentless planner, she spent a great deal of her younger life looking for ways to manage stress and remain connected to the present moment.

The first time she attended a yoga class in 2002 she got that "where have you been all of my life?" feeling and knew that yoga was destined to become a big part of her life.  She completed her yoga teacher training in 2006 and her prenatal teacher training in 2010.

After experiencing the profound effects an eight-week mindfulness course had on her own life, she knew she had to share these practices with others.  She completed her mindfulness instructor training in 2014 and has been teaching mindfulness courses ever since.

Recognizing that starting and maintaining a yoga and mindfulness practice is much easier when done in community, Heather decided to open the Here and Now Studio, which provides programs to support those interested in living fuller, more present lives.

  • Yoga Courses

    Sign up for a yoga course to start or deepen your practice.

    Choose the style of class that works best for you.

  • Mindfulness Courses

    Learn mindfulness techniques to help reduce stress and live more fully in the present moment. 

  • Workshops, Events & Retreats

    From Family Yoga to Cooking Classes to Wine Tasting, there is a workshop for everyone.


    Check out our September 2020 retreat in Wakefield, QC

  • Workplace Mindfulness Programs

    We offer a range of workplace mindfulness programs, ranging from one-hour introductory workshops to intensive

    multi-week courses.

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