Sleep Workshop

Occupational Therapist Sarah Good will share practical tips for falling and staying asleep, followed by a restorative yoga practice designed to calm the body and mind and help participants prepare for sleep.

Sarah is a community-based occupational therapist who works primarily with adults with chronic pain or mood disorders, many of whom have difficulties sleeping.  During the workshop, she will provide education regarding:

  • sleep cycles and patterns

  • how our daily activities can impact our sleep (and which activities you may want to increase)

  • sleep scheduling

  • how to increase the association between our bedrooms and sleep

  • ways to best prepare for sleep


Sarah can also discuss concerns or questions brought up by the group.

The restorative yoga portion will be led by Heather Cross, owner of Here and Now Studio.

Thursday, March 28, 7-9 p.m.


$45 + HST

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