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MiG-29 Fulcrum Download] [Torrent] ermuran




mig-29a [ arm ] [ [ [ [ [ [ [] ] [] ] ] ] ] ] > > > Traxmed Subsystems [ edit ] Subsystems (decoys) can be used to divert enemy radar systems, and obfuscate subsystems, hide the actual subsystems, or even attract enemy radar systems. The radius in which a subsystem can be used is indicated by the number next to the subsystem name. A subsystem can be used on any ship, but if used on a target, it will be displayed in yellow. Details for each subsystem are listed below: [ edit ] Desicant On Ship [ edit ] Desicant On Ship Desicant (Area [objective_1:Desicant] [radius:100]) [name:desicant] [category:null] [target_name:Target name] [deactivation_type:Decoy Type] [deactivation_delay:Decoy Delay] [random_deactivation:Randomly?] [random_deactivation_amount:Amount?] [random_target:Random Target?] [sub:Neutral] [generate_shield:Generate Shield?] [requirement:Decoy:Current Shields] [movement:Movement Type] [decoy_class:Decoy Class] [random_decoy:Random?] [random_decoy_amount:Amount?] [reset_subsystem:Decoy Reset] [random_min_distance:Minimum Distance] [random_max_distance:Maximum Distance] [random_max_speed:Maximum Speed] [random_min_speed:Minimum Speed] [random_rotation_axis:Rotation Axis] [random_transmission_angle:Transmission Angle] [random_rotation_degrees:Rotation Degrees] [missile_cost:Missile Cost] [missile_code:Missile Code] [missile_target_name:Target Name] [no_allow_launch:Launch Disallowed] [random_retarget_time:Random Retarget Time] [random_retarget_zone:Random Retarget Zone] [random_target_rotation:Target Rotation] [random_target_transmission:Target Transmission] [random_target_surface:Target Surface] [random_modes:Random Modes] [transmission_type:Transmission Type] [transmission_laser:L




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MiG-29 Fulcrum Download] [Torrent] ermuran

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